Verein Gewürztraminer
Weinstraße 72
39040 Tramin/Termeno (BZ)

Tourismusverein Tramin

Tel. 0471/860131


Program of the International Gewürztraminersymposion 2011

Between 2nd and 5th of juny take place the 8th International Gewürztraminer Symposium together with the Bolzano Wine Tasting.

For the varied program of this Southtyrolean Gourmet Festival please visit You can also download the program as pdf.

Wine list of participating wineries: pdf

The first South Tyrolean Gourmet Festival with the 8th International Gewürztraminer Symposium and the Bolzano Wine Tasting is presented at Castel Rechtenthal at Termeno and also at Bolzano where you are invited to Castel Maretsch, Parkhotel Laurin and the historic Merkantilgebäude (House of the merchants).

For more informations and interesting arrangments please contact the program.